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What is a Strategic Objective?

Strategic Objectives describes what the organisation want to achieve in the short to medium term and serve as stepping stones for attaining its Goals. Objectives can be categorised into long…
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Creating the Strategy Model

Creating the Strategy Model Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process The creation of the strategy model is an integral part of the overall strategy creation process as shown…
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Refining the Emerging Strategy

Refining the Emerging Strategy Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Once the strategic information has been analysed and the strategy model has been created it is time to…
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Analysing Strategic Data

Analysing Strategic Data Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Strategy development is inherently complex so accepting this and managing the complexity creates a much more robust and effective strategic plan. The…
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What is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement describes what you envision the future of your organisation to be. A strategic vision is the aspirations that the owners / senior decision makers have for their…
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