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The Strategy Creation Process

The Strategy Creation Process HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentA Participative Approach to Strategy Development & Business Planning Involving the key people in your organisation in the strategic planning¬†process by obtaining information about your…
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Gathering Strategic Information

Gathering Strategic Information HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentObtaining & managing information, much of which is complex, is the foundation of building a robust business strategy. Obtaining information is a crucial part of developing…
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What is Mission Statement?

What is Mission Statement? HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentA Mission Statement is an integral component of your business’s overall strategic plan. A mission statement describes what business the organisation is in (and what…
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How to Create a Mission Statement

How to Create a Mission Statement HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentA mission statement describes what you do, for who, and how. Focusing on your mission each day should enable you to reach your…
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Creating the Strategy Model

Creating the Strategy Model HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentThe creation of the strategy model is an integral part of the overall strategy creation process as shown in the diagram. It works specifically on…
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Refining the Emerging Strategy

Refining the Emerging Strategy HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentOnce the strategic information has been analysed and the strategy model has been created it is time to review and refine it. This review is…
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Capturing Strategic Data

Capturing Strategic Data HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentInformation is captured during our Strategic Interventions (whether it is via Strategic Interviews or Group Workshops) as a causal map. Cause (or concept) mapping is a…
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