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The Strategy Creation Process

The Strategy Creation Process HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentStrategy CreationA Participative Approach to Strategy Development & Business Planning Involving the key people in your organisation in the strategic planning┬áprocess by obtaining information about…
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Creating the Strategy Model

Creating the Strategy Model HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentStrategy CreationThe creation of the strategy model is an integral part of the overall strategy creation process as shown in the diagram. It works specifically…
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Refining the Emerging Strategy

Refining the Emerging Strategy HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentStrategy CreationOnce the strategic information has been analysed and the strategy model has been created it is time to review and refine it. This review…
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What are Strategic Activities?

What are Strategic Activities? HomeResourcesStrategy DevelopmentStrategy CreationStrategic activities are actions, projects and other activities that are designed to achieve specific outcomes and objectives. Each objective and goal should have a…
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