Evaluation of Purpose Driven Organisations

We believe that it is important to recognise those organisations who are genuinely Purpose Driven or are working towards this objective.

Our goal is to provide Purpose Driven Organisations with a way to reassure their stakeholders that it has a genuine purpose that is embedded in the organisation.

It is for these reasons that we have introduced our PDO Evaluation programme to ensure that organisations who are have invested in becoming Purpose-Driven can be recognised with an independent evaluation.

Our PDO Evaluation Programme

Our PDO Evaluation programme has been designed to rigorously evaluate the extent to which your organisation is Purpose Driven.

Our assessment will determine whether your your organisation meets all of our required criteria, to be recognised as being Purpose-Driven.

A successful evaluation will have a positive effect on the morale of your people and will act to reinforce the importance of being purpose driven.

Our Evaluation Process

Our PDO Evaluation is a detailed assessment conducted by an independent assessor that determines the degree to which your Business Purpose is fully integrated within your organisation. Our evaluation process will examine every aspect of your business, both internally and externally, to ascertain whether it is Driven by Purpose and that you are realising the benefits of being Purpose-Driven.

If your organisation meets all of the criteria, it will be pass the PDO Evaluation.  In order to ensure that your organisation continues to be Purpose-Driven we recommend that you perform a mini-evaluation every year and a full evaluation every three years.

Should your organisation doe snot meet all of the criteria, we will provide a report  detailing the areas that require improvement. We can help you to create a project to implement our recommendations.  We can also provide regular reviews to help ensure that your implementation project is on track.



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