Payment Terms and Conditions


‘Client’ is any business or individual who commissions the Company to carry out any work.

‘Company’ is 2112 Direct Marketing Ltd. T/A 2112 Business Consulting, Company number SC352956.

The following sets out our terms for payment:

  1. Credit terms may be offered at the sole discretion of the Company and may be withdrawn at any time.  In the absence of agreed credit terms, payment must be received in full before the start of any job.
  2. Where credit terms have been agreed, the following (sections 3 to 8) shall apply:
  3. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing, credit terms are as stated on the invoice (normally payable on receipt but never more than 30 days).
  4. Payment should ideally be made by BACS transfer using the details stated on the invoice. Cheques should be made payable to the Company.
  5. A transaction fee of 3% may be charged to payments made by credit or debit cards of via PayPal.
  6. If an invoice is not paid within the specified credit terms (see 3), the Company reserves the right to charge the Client interest from the invoice date at a rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate as well as debt recovery costs of £40 up to £999.99, £70 up to £999.99 and £100 for £10,000 and over.
  7. Any discount that is based on payment being received within the credit terms shall be deemed to be null and void if the invoice is not paid in full by the agreed date.  In these circumstances, the full amount excluding the discount shall be due.
  8. If an invoice has not been paid for a period deemed to be excessive by the Company, the Company may engage the services of a debt recovery specialist. The Client accepts full responsibility for paying all costs incurred by the Company relating to recovering the debt.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

The Company will be entitled to charge the amount of any Value Added Tax payable irrespective of whether the VAT amount is stated in the Company’s order form or included in any quotation. For the avoidance of doubt, the VAT amount will not normally be stated in quotations or in an order form.

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