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Welcome to the exciting world of project management for non-project managers! Are you ready to unleash your potential and master the skills needed to deliver successful projects?


This training course is designed to give you with the knowledge and tools to effectively lead and contribute to projects. It is specifically designed for people who do not have a formal project management background.

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment, projects have become the backbone of innovation and growth. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a department head or a team member looking to expand your horizons, understanding project management is essential to thrive and deliver exceptional results.

This engaging course will introduce you to the fundamental principles and practical techniques of project management. You’ll discover how to initiate, plan, execute and control projects.

You will also learn how to identify and effectively communicate with stakeholders. In addition, we will introduce you to leading project performing teams.

About this Course

We’ve tailored this course specifically for non-project managers like you. We understand that you may not have formal project management training and that’s okay! We’ll guide you step-by-step, demystifying complex concepts and providing real-life examples to ensure your learning experience is both enjoyable and relatable.

Get ready to unlock your potential as you immerse yourself in interactive discussions, hands-on exercises and case studies. You’ll learn from and experienced project manager, gaining insights into best practices and strategies that you can immediately apply in your own work environment.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in the basics of project management. You will be equipped with the skills to effectively contribute to projects, lead teams and make a lasting impact on your organisation’s success.
Whether you’re dreaming of spearheading your own projects or looking to enhance your project management capabilities, this course will set you on the path to success.

Get ready to embark on a of growth and transformation and dive into the world of project management!

Course Content

1.  Introduction to Project Management

–  Definition and importance of project management.

–  Key roles and responsibilities in project management.

–  Common project management frameworks and methodologies.

2.  Project Initiation

–  Identifying project objectives and stakeholders.

–  Understanding project scope and constraints.

–  Conducting feasibility analysis and risk assessment.

3.  Project Planning

–  Creating a project charter and defining project deliverables.

–  Developing a project schedule and timeline.

–  Identifying project resources and budgeting.

–  Establishing communication and reporting mechanisms.

4.  Project Risk Management

–  Identifying and assessing project risks.

–  Developing risk mitigation and contingency plans.

–  Monitoring and controlling project risks.

5.  Project Execution

–  Project scheduling and task management

–  Assigning tasks and managing project team members.

–  Managing project changes and issues.

–  Implementing project control measures.

–  Tracking project implementation against plan

6.  Project Closure

–  Conducting project evaluation and lessons learned.

–  Documenting project closure and finalising deliverables.

–  Celebrating project success and recognising team contributions.

7. Case Studies and Practical Exercises

–  Analysing real-world project management scenarios.

–  Applying project management techniques through hands-on exercises.

Course Format and Investment

This is a 1 day course spread over two half days, one week apart.


The cost of this course is only £800 per person.

The cost for additional people from the same company attending the course at the same time is £650 per person.

Course Summary

This course is designed to empower individuals who do not have formal project management backgrounds to effectively lead and contribute to projects.

It covers the fundamental principles, practical techniques and essential skills necessary to successfully manage projects.

Participants will learn how to initiate, plan, execute and control projects. They will also learn how to identify and effectively communicate with stakeholders, as well as leading project teams.

The course offers interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, case studies and insights from an experienced project manager. This ensures an enjoyable and relatable learning experience.

Upon completion, participants will have a solid foundation in project management. This means that they will gain the skills to make a meaningful impact on their organisations.

Get ready to start a transformative journey and unlock your potential in project management!


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