Introduction to Causal Mapping


This course offers an engaging and practical training experience. Participants will learn to understand and visualise cause-and-effect relationships, develop analytical skills, and make informed decisions.

The course covers the fundamentals of causal mapping, hands-on data analysis and advanced topics.

Led by experienced instructors, participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to navigate complex systems effectively.

Course Content

1.  Understanding Causal Mapping

  • 1. Definition and concept of causal mapping
  • 2. Importance and applications of causal mapping
  • 3. Distinctions between causal mapping and other analytical tools
2.  Foundations of Causal Mapping
  • 1. Nodes and variables
  • 2. Links and causal relationships
  • 3. Strength and directionality of relationships
3. Data Collection and Analysis
  • Identifying relevant data sources
  • Conducting group workshops
  • Conducting interviews and surveys
  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data
  • Analysing and organising data for mapping
4.  Analysing and Interpreting Causal Maps
  • 1. Structural analysis
  • 2. Identifying key drivers and influences
  • 3. Recognising patterns and clusters
  • 4. Mapping interdependencies and feedback loops
5.  Practical Applications and Case Studies
  • Real-world examples of causal mapping
  • Case studies in different domains
  • Practical tips for applying causal mapping in specific contexts


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