Keep Your Business on Track with a Regular Review

Ensure the Key Areas of Your Business are Aligned With Your Strategy

Since strategic planning is a long-term activity it is critical to ensure that the business has the capability to attain your goals and objectives and is staying on course over time.

In the same way that your financial information is reviewed and audited on a regular basis to ensure that the business is financially sound, other key areas of your business should also be reviewed to ensure that they are operating efficiently and are aligned with your strategic plan.

Our Business Review Process

Our Business Review processes have been designed to assess how well the various elements of your business are performing in relation to your organisation’s strategic objectives and plans.  We also examine what processes, procedures and, where relevant,  formal protection, you have in place to attain your goals and safeguard your business’ assets.

The exact nature of the business review process will vary depending on the elements of your business that you want us to review. It is, therefore, important for us to gain an understanding of your organisation and its strategic objectives in order to tailor the review process to meet your requirements.

We will always give you options for reviewing each area of your business, along with a price for each option.  Once we have agreed an appropriate auditing process and a price, we will always stick to it so that you can budget properly and won’t get any nasty surprises.

Our Business Review Options

Strategy & Business Plans

Business plans should be the vehicle by which strategic plans are implemented but this is not always the case.  Having an independent audit of how your business plan is being implemented will reveal areas where your are dong well and where you could improve.  It can also give you the impetus you need to get your business plan back on track and ensure that it is working towards achieving your strategic goals and vision.

Intellectual Assets

Identifying and protecting important assets in your business can be critical to the long-term sustainability and growth of your business.  These assets are often identified during our strategy development process and using tools like the SWAT analysis.  They will normally be found in the strengths of the business. Our knowledge and experience in this area means that we can help ensure they are properly protected.

Purpose & Values

Having a clear Purpose that is embedded in your organisation plays a key role in building a successful business.  This is because it helps to develop a positive culture where people are motivated, passionate and focused.  We believe that it is so important that we have created an accreditation programme that will assess the extent to which your organisation has and is driven by a clear purpose and values.



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