Putting People at the Centre of Business Strategy Creation

We believe in giving people in business a voice that is heard. Consequently, we work with the key people in your business to create a shared vision for its future.

Our Business Strategy Creation Process has been specifically designed to achieve this. Involving people and creating consensus about the future direction of your business makes it far more likely to succeed.

Our Business Strategy Creation Framework

The framework of our strategy creation process showing how different elements of strategy fit togetherGiving people a voice helps capture their ideas, knowledge and opinions. This is a critical element of the strategy creation process.  As a result, we use a highly participative approach to building strategy to ensure that the various different views people have of the future are captured and considered.

The diagram shows a representation of the approach that we use to create and implement business strategy.  This is a fluid process that has been developed to manage all of the aspects of strategy creation.  Here, emphasis is placed on idea generation and structuring in a ‘safe’ environment which encourages participation from everyone involved.

We utilise a number of decision support tools, principally causal mapping, to gather, capture and analyse the strategic information gathered through the Strategy Creation process.

Our process can encompass all aspects of strategy making, from initial idea generation through the development of portfolios of strategic options down to the management of individual projects.

Gaining consensus is therefore important both to the strategy creation and its subsequent implementation.

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