Building a Successful Purpose Driven Organisation

How do some organisations achieve and sustain vast amounts of success for years on end, inspiring loyalty and commitment among their customers and employees alike?

The answer is that they all “Purpose Driven Organisations”, with all of the benefits that brings.  This means that they have a clear Purpose , supported by strong values that are embedded in the culture of the organisation.

Having a purpose-driven culture ensures that people are passionate, focused and motivated.  These are key elements to helping ensure your organisation achieves its goals and vision.

We have created a Programme to help our clients discover, understand and communicate their Purpose & Values, both internally and externally.  This creates an environment in which people, and consequently the organisation, can realise its true potential.

Genuine Competitive Advantage

Organisations that are able to harness the power of purpose to drive performance and profitability enjoy a distinct competitive advantage within their market.  This is because it is not easy to discover a genuine purpose for your organisation and it is even more difficult to have everyone in the organisation genuinely commit to it so that it is embedded in the culture of the organisation.

This is why only 6% of organisations meet the criteria and why Purpose Driven Organisations have a very real competitive advantage. While competitors might be able to replicate your products and services, they will find very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate your Purpose Driven Culture. This means you can successfully differentiate yourself through creating a strong identity and reputation in the marketplace.

Purpose Driven Organisation Programmes

2112 Consulting help organisations to discover, understand and integrate their Purpose & Values to gain maximum value and engagement, both internally and externally.  This creates an environment in which people, and consequently the organisation, can realise its true potential.

No matter where your organisation sits in the Purpose Driven spectrum, we have a programme that will help you to discover, develop and utilise your organisation’s purpose to better competitive advantage.

Discover Your Purpose

If have not yet begun to develop or even think about purpose but genuinely want to discover it, we can help.  Our PDO programme will help you discover the reason that your organisation exists.  It is a highly participative process, involving people from all areas and levels of your organisation.  This not only helps discover you true purpose, it also starts the process of embedding it into the culture of your organisation.

Develop Your Purpose 

Is your organisation working to discover a clearly articulated purpose that is embedded in the culture of the organisation? We will work with you and your people to understand where you are on the journey.  This will enable us to recommend the best way forward.  This may mean working with you to rediscover your purpose or to refine it and take steps to integrate it into your organisation. Our aim it to help ensure that your purpose drives business success.



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