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Capturing Strategic Data

Capturing Strategic Data Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Information is captured during our Strategic Interventions (whether it is via Strategic Interviews or Group Workshops) as a cause…
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What are Strategy Workshops?

Strategic Workshops are meetings that are designed to encourage a group of key people in your organisation to contribute their ideas, issues, opinions, etc. regarding the strategic direction of the…
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Why should Strategy Workshops be used?

Strategy Workshops are used when multiple perspectives of the strategic future for the business need to be uncovered in a relatively short timeframe but without the level of detail that are uncovered with strategic interviews.…
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Where should Strategy Workshops be Held?

Strategy Workshops should be held in a neutral location, ideally away from the business’ offices. This helps to reduce the possibility of interruption and, more importantly, to move the participants out of…
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