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Gathering Strategic Information

Gathering Strategic Information HomeStrategy WorkshopObtaining & managing information, much of which is complex, is the foundation of building a robust business strategy. Obtaining information is a crucial part of developing…
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What is a Pen Portrait?

What is a Pen Portrait? HomeStrategy WorkshopA Pen Portrait helps facilitators to gain an insight into the people involved in the strategy creation process. Everyone has their own belief system…
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How Many Workshops Should be Held?

How Many Workshops Should be Held? HomeStrategy WorkshopThe number of strategic workshops that are run will depend on the amount of information required and the number of people involved. It…
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Why should Strategy Workshops be used?

Strategy Workshops are used when multiple perspectives of the strategic future for the business need to be uncovered in a relatively short timeframe but without the level of detail that are uncovered with strategic interviews.…
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Where Should Strategy Workshops be Held?

Where Should Strategy Workshops be Held? HomeStrategy WorkshopChoosing where to hold strategy workshops can have a big impact on their success. Strategy Workshops should be held in a neutral location,…
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