What are Strategy Workshops?

Strategic Workshops are meetings that are designed to encourage a group of key people in your organisation to contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation in a relaxed and ‘safe’ environment.

Strategy workshops are an important element of our strategy creation process since they allow the key people in your organisation to contribute to the strategy development.  These people may, for example, include senior managers and decision makers, as well as people who have knowledge that is important to the process.

The primary purpose of the workshop is to obtain information that will be useful when developing a strategic plan for the organisation. This information helps the group to agree organisational goals and vision, as well as actions that need to be taken in order to move the organisation from there it is to where you want it to be.

The workshops, which are run by an independent, experienced facilitator, make extensive use of Oval Mapping to generate, capture and manage information about the goals and aspirations, as well as ideas, issues and opinions that people have for the future of the organisation. The number of workshops that are held will depend various factors, including the number of people involved in the process and the amount of information that is required.

Allowing people to gain an insight into the views of others (which they may not have considered before) helps to increase their understanding of the strategic issues and possible solutions. This leads to the creation of a shared vision that can be used as the catalyst for change within the organisation.

This is, therefore, a powerful tool in the strategy development process, helping to facilitate the development of a consensus strategy, as opposed to a compromise strategy, which often results from other strategic development processes.


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