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What is a Business Plan?

What is a Business Plan? HomeDefinitionA Business Plan is the roadmap that will guide your organisation achieving its goals and vision. Business Planning is the process of translating an organisations…
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What is Mission Statement?

What is Mission Statement? HomeDefinitionA Mission Statement is an integral component of your business’s overall strategic plan. A mission statement describes what business the organisation is in (and what it…
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What are Strategic Activities?

What are Strategic Activities? HomeDefinitionStrategic activities are actions, projects and other activities that are designed to achieve specific outcomes and objectives. Each objective and goal should have a plan (made…
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What is a Strategic Objective?

What is a Strategic Objective? Home  >  Resources  >  Definitions Strategic Objectives describes what the organisation want to achieve in the short to medium term and serve as stepping stones…
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What is a PEST Analysis?

What is a PEST Analysis? HomeDefinitionA PEST Analysis is a commonly used tool that helps organisations to understand things that are happening in the external environment. This is a very…
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What is a Strategy Map?

HomeDefinitionStrategy mapping can vastly improve any strategy communication effort. A strategy map is a graphic that shows a logical, cause-and-effect connection between all of the elements of the strategy model. …
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What is Transformational Change?

What is Transformational Change? HomeDefinitionTransformational change is a process designed to create significant change in the organisation’s culture & work processes producing significant performance improvements. It often occurs in response…
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Prescriptive Vs Emergent Strategies

Prescriptive Vs Emergent Strategies HomeDefinitionThere is often confusion between the concepts of prescriptive and emergent strategies. This article considers the differences and merits of each type of strategy. Prescriptive Strategy…
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What are Strategic Interviews?

What are Strategic Interviews? HomeDefinitionStrategic Interviews are one-to-one discussions that are held with the people who are involved with the strategy development process and/or have knowledge that is important to…
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