The Power of Purpose

Organisations and Individuals with a clear purpose have a strong sence of direction that makes them much more likely to succeed in business and in life.

This clarity of purpose combined with strong values makes them highly motivated and focused.

Where do you, your organisation and/or your people ‘fit’ in the Purpose Driven scale? 

80% of Organisations and People do not have a defined Purpose or have lost their Purpose
14% of Organisations and People who say that they have a Purpose do not take it seriously
6%  of Organisations and People have a clearly defined Purpose they live and breathe on a daily basis
If you are not in the ‘elite’ 6% but have a genuine desire to become Purpose Driven, we can help.  Our Purpose Driven programmes have been designed to help organisations and individuals to discover their core reason for being.
Is your organisation in the top 6% that have a clearly defined Purpose you live and breathe on a daily basis? Can you prove it?  We have created an Accreditation programme that will evaluate whether your organisation meets the criteria expected of a Purpose Driven Organisation.

Invest in Purpose Services

Purpose Driven Organisation Programme

If your organisation does not have a Purpose or it is unclear, our PDO Programme will help you discover and/or clarify it.  In addition, we will help you to develop a plan to ensure that it is embedded in your organisation.  Investing in Purpose will have a positive impact in many areas of your business.  Your people will be more focused, motivated, engaged and productive.  This will ultimately help your business to succeed.

Purpose Driven Individual Programme

Our PDI Programme has been designed to help individuals to discover their purpose in life so that you can take steps to make the that will enable you to enjoy what you do, feel happy and motivates and realise your full potential.  With this programme, you will work on a one-to-one basis with one of our facilitators who will help you to work through the process.  The process can be tailored to your specific needs if necessary.

Purpose Driven Accreditation

We believe that it is important to recognise those organisations who have a genuine purpose that is embedded in their organisation. It is for this reason that we have introduced our PDO Accreditation programme which provides an independent evaluation of the extent to which your organisation is Purpose Driven. If your organisation meets all of the required criteria, you will be awarded our PDO Accreditation.



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