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What is a Strategic Objective?

Strategic Objectives describes what the organisation want to achieve in the short to medium term and serve as stepping stones for attaining its Goals. Objectives can be categorised into long…
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Refining the Emerging Strategy

Refining the Emerging Strategy Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Once the strategic information has been analysed and the strategy model has been created it is time to…
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What are Strategic Activities?

What are Strategic Activities? Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Strategic activities are actions, projects and other activities that are designed to achieve specific outcomes and objectives. Each…
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What is Causal Mapping?

What is Causal Mapping? Home  >  Strategy Creation  >  Tools & Techniques Causal mapping is a proven technique for capturing and managing the detailed, sometimes delicate, information that often surrounds…
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Why is Setting Goals & Objectives Important?

There are many advantages to establishing organisational goals and objectives, including: 1. Provide direction – Goals & objectives help to define performance standards which, in turn, helps to ensure that people pull…
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What is a Strategic Goal?

Strategic Goals describe what the organisation wants to accomplish in the longer-term. They provide a sense of direction, motivation, a clear focus, and clarify importance. Strategic goals drill down a level…
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