Project Management

Every business has projects that they need to complete to help the business succeed. These projects often result from the process of creating a business plan.  The success of the business is, therefore, often dependant on how well these projects are managed.

Project management is about making sure the work gets done and delivers value on time and within budget. That includes anticipating and responding to surprises. So you need to have a plan and you need to have a process for tracking progress and dealing with issues as they emerge.

With over 25 years of project management experience, we can help you to successfully manage your projects, ensuring that they not only attain their objectives but are also completed on time and within budget. In other words, we add value by making sure your teams keep their promises to the business.

A Participative Approach to Project Management

The key to  successful project management can be found in the management of the six components summarised below:

Option 1 - Create a Project Specification

Create a Project Specification

The first thing we do for any project is to gain a clear understanding of what value the project will add. This will result in a project specification (or project charter) which will be agreed with the project sponsor. This is an important document as it informs everything we do in the project and sent out what the end result will look like.

Option 2 - Agree Budget, Team & Timeframe

Agree Budget, Team & Timeframe

These are three critical elements which are closely lined together where changing one element will have an impact on the others.  It is, therefore, important to ensure that  they are balanced.  We will work closely with the you to ensure that there is sufficient budget and people in order to deliver the project withing the required timeframe.

Option 3 - Create a Project Plan

 Create a Project Plan

We help you identify and prioritise the tasks that are required to successfully complete the project.  This will include setting milestones to keep track of progress. We also work out the critical path – the series of activities that will take the longest to complete which defined the the minimum amount of time required to complete the project.

Option 4 - Manage the Project

Manage the Project

Project management is about making sure the work set out in the project plan gets done in a timely fashion and delivers the value defined in the specification. This includes anticipating and responding to surprises that inevitably crop up during a project. We will create a plan and a process for tracking progress and dealing with issues as they emerge.

Option 5 - Communication Plan

Communication Plan

Good commination is critical to the success of a project. We will build and implement a communication plan to ensures that all stakeholders have the information that they need in a timely fashion. Typically stakeholders will include the project sponsor, the project team and other interested parties, both inside and outside the organisation.

Option 6 - Close out the Project

Close out the Project

Every project comes to an end. As the end draws near, we will review make sure that all of the requirements that were laid out in the specification have been met. We will create a plan for closing out each part of the project, ensuring it is ready for sign-off and handover. This will hep ensure that the project implementation goes smoothly.

We Can Help

No matter whether we are working with you in all six phases of the project life cycle or just a few, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.



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