Capturing Strategic Data

Information is captured during our Strategic Interventions (whether it is via Strategic Interviews or Group Workshops) as a cause (or concept) map.  This is a proven technique for acquiring and managing the detailed, sometimes delicate, information that often surrounds complex situations.

With this method, emphasis is placed on issue definition and structuring, which acts as an aid to problem solving, idea generation and strategy development.  Here, information provided by individuals or groups is captured and then by linked using arrows that represent a cause-and-effect relationship as shown below. Importantly, this captures the context in which statements are made rather than just the content.

Diagram showing cause-effect relationship

We subsequently enter the statements made as well as the causal links between them into a computer system.  This means that we are able to create a wealth of information that the organisation can tap into at any time.  This is a valuable resource as enables the information to be reviewed, modified, enhanced and developed as the business moves forward.

This also enables us to analyse the information that is captured and analyse it in order to identify the key statements and structure them to form the strategy model.

This model and the underlying information on which it is built forms the basis of the strategic plans and can subsequently be used to create a detailed and integrated business plan.

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