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What is a Strategy Map?

Strategy mapping can vastly improve any strategy communication effort. A strategy map is a graphic that shows a logical, cause-and-effect connection between all of the elements of the strategy model. …
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Capturing Strategic Data

Capturing Strategic Data Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Strategy Creation Process Information is captured during our Strategic Interventions (whether it is via Strategic Interviews or Group Workshops) as a cause…
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What is the Oval Mapping Technique?

What is the Oval Mapping Technique? Home  >  Strategy Development  >  Tools & Techniques The Oval Mapping Technique, normally referred to as ‘OMT’, is a highly participative method that is…
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What is Causal Mapping?

What is Causal Mapping? Home  >  Strategy Creation  >  Tools & Techniques Causal mapping is a proven technique for capturing and managing the detailed, sometimes delicate, information that often surrounds…
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