Creating the Strategy Model

The creation of the strategy model is an integral part of the overall strategy creation process as shown in the diagram.

The strategy model is created by identifying its building blocks from the information captured in the strategy creation process. This is achieved by analysing the information to identify key activities, objectives, operational goals and strategic goals. These are shown in the diagram below.

The various elements in the strategy model are linked using causal relationships. This means that understanding the relationship among key elements of the emerging strategy model is critical to the overall strategy development process.

Diagram showing the structure of the strategy modelThe process of building the strategy model essentially create a consensus on the way forward for the business. It does this through continually reviewing and refining the model with the it with the strategy group. This process also helps to identify the key drivers of the strategy. There are the activities that are more influential in moving the business from where it is to where the group wants it to be.

While this model may look simple, creating it can be challenging. Consequently, it acts as a very useful reference point when creating the business strategy and building strategic plans.

We use this model when analysing the information that is captured during the strategic interviews. This information is often very complex and analysing it is a difficult process.  Using this structure helps to identify the elements that fits with each of the categories shown in this strategy model.

The model can also be used to work on the business strategy with participants in the process. This is because it helps them understand the structure and to develop their ideas into a coherent strategic plan.


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