Who should be involved in the Strategy Creation Process?

Involving the correct people at the correct time is critical to the successful creation and implementation of a strategic plan. In general, it is important to involve a diverse range of people in the strategy creation process. This is because different people will bring different perspectives and ideas to the table. In addition, giving people a voice in the process means that the business is better equipped to achieve its goals.

The strategy creation process will normally involve key people in the organisation. These will be people who have an interest in or input to its future direction and may include:

  • The Owner, CEO or MD: The person who is in charge of the business must be involved in the business strategy creation process. This is because that are ultimately responsible for the success of the business.
  • Senior management: The leadership team should be involved because they have a deep understanding of the business’s potential, its challenges and resources. This means that their input can be valuable in shaping the direction of the business plan. They are also responsible for ensuring that all necessary functions are in place to support its success.
  • Key people: These are the people who are responsible for key functions within the business. They may also be people who have knowledge that is important to the strategy creation process.

When to involve people

It is important to note that not everyone needs to be involved at every stage of the process.  Some people may, for example, only be involved in a specific part of the process. They should be involved when the business requires their knowledge, experience and opinion.

Others will, on the other hand, be involved throughout the strategy creation process. These will tend to be the senior people who need to have an overview of the whole business and its strategic direction. They will also be the people who envision the future of the business. This means creating the vision and setting strategic goals.

Involving external people

It can be very beneficial to have an external strategy consultant help facilitate the strategy creation process. Strategy and business planning is, by its nature, a complex process. Having someone to help navigate that complexity can be very useful.

It may also be helpful to involve external advisors, such as industry experts, in the strategy creation process. These individuals can provide valuable insights and perspective on the business and the market. In addition, they can provide expertise on industry trends, market conditions, and other factors that may impact the business.

Finally in some situations it is appropriate to involve external stakeholders in the strategy creation process. These stakeholders may, for example, include  customers, suppliers, investors, or other parties who have an interest in the company’s success. For further information read our article about involving stakeholders in strategy creation.


In summary, involving people from different areas of the organisation can be a very powerful way to build commitment to the attainment of the strategic goals. In addition, it also creates a sense of accountability that can improve motivation and productivity which will help the strategy to succeed. It is, however, important to involve them at the correct phase of the strategy creation process to ensure that they are able contribute in the most effective way.


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