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Ian Brown, the Managing Director of 2112 Consulting, co-authored the book “The Practice of Making Strategy” with Professors Colin Eden and Fran Ackerman who are world leading experts in the field of business strategy and created the Journey Making process.  Ian is proud to have been mentored by these experts in the field and  to have been involved with this ground breaking book.

Cover of the book "The Practice of Making Strategy"The book takes the reader through the process of making strategy within a management team.  It presents techniques that can be used to develop a business model and manage key strategic issues for units, departments and the complete organisation.

It offers a step-by-step process with examples and real cases.  Topics include:

– How to get started with a management team

– Surfacing and structuring strategic issues

– Developing a goal system

– Working with patterns of distinctive competencies

– Developing and testing the business model

– Achieving closure

This book will be set reading for MBA students as well as being a valuable resource for practising managers and consultants developing strategies within organisations.

What others have said:

“This book clarifies and justifies much that is misunderstood about strategy. It should be places front and centre for all those interested and engaged in strategic matters and issues.”  Dr Robert E Morgan, Cardiff Business School.

“A practical and realistic guide to strategy making in organisations” Professor Nelson Philips, University of Cambridge


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