Helped Agree on a Clear Direction for our New Business

My business partner and I had been struggling to agree on a clear direction for our new business and we asked Ian to help us to get an understanding of what we wanted from the business and how we could achieve it. We also knew that we each had some issues that we had never spoken about and we wanted to get them onto the table. We asked Ian to assist with this process.

Ian helped us to get a clear idea of what we both wanted to achieve with the business and helped us to surface some of the challenges that we would have to overcome to attain the goals that we had set. Using the Journey Making process, he was able to achieve this surprisingly quickly and I was amazed at how the process helped us to reach agreement on key issues by showing how they would impact on the business.

We discovered that we were very often arguing about things that we actually agreed upon but were speaking about from different perspectives. This process certainly helps clarify the issues and puts them in a context that is understandable and avoids misunderstanding.

Ian was also able to help us to bring issues that we had previously not been willing to discuss out into the open. He did this in a very positive and non-threatening way that encouraged honesty and frankness. I found this process both difficult and rewarding and I believe that it helped us to gain a much better understanding of each others thinking.

I had a much clearer view of the direction of the business and the issues that we faced after working with Ian.

I would recommend Ian Brown and the Journey Making process, to anyone who wants to grow their business and needs help to structure their thinking and to gain consensus about the future direction of their business.

June Leonard


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