Keen to Ensure Each Member of Staff had an Input

When I met Ian, we had been drifting along in the market with no clear idea of direction and even less idea of how to move forward.

When I was introduced to Ian, I was very impressed with what he had to say but had the cynicism of a man that had met “consultants” before. Ian convinced me to at least try and see if it was for us – it was.

I was very keen to ensure that every member of my staff was given an opportunity to have an input to the strategic planning process. Ian designed the process to match my needs and introduced what can be a complex subject in a very light hearted and understandable way. This certainly helped to ensure that all the staff got an opportunity to have their say. The method of input was just so easy and the relaxed atmosphere encouraged people to contribute their ideas and issues.

Through this unique process, Ian helped my staff and me to develop a strategic plan for the company. Over that time we used the plan as a constant point of reference to help us to focus and move the business forward, which we have successfully achieved. We are now working with corporate clients in the construction industry who use our specialist expertise in lighting with building theatres, heritage centres, exhibition venues, etc. We have also extended the wok that we do in the events area.

Having successfully implemented our original plan, I subsequently worked with Ian to help us move the business onto the next level. He me with my team and me on a regular basis, providing advice and support and helping me to further develop our strategy and also implement the actions that we needed to take in order to achieve our goals.

Unlike many ‘consultants’ that I have worked with, Ian does not preach – instead, he worked with me in a very supportive way, providing direction and advice where appropriate and encouraging me to take the actions that were required to make progress. He also provided me with a ‘sounding board’ for my ideas and issues, which I found very helpful.

I would recommend Ian to anyone who needs help to create vision and direction in an organisation and to uncover the issues involved and, importantly, to develop potential solutions and actions. I would also recommend him to any Managing Director who feels they need a bit of support and advice while retaining control and authority in their organisation.

Gavin Stewart

Managing Director


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