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What is a Business Plan?

What is a Business Plan? HomeBusiness PlanningA Business Plan is the roadmap that will guide your organisation achieving its goals and vision. Business Planning is the process of translating an…
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What is Strategic Planning?

What is Strategic Planning? HomeBusiness PlanningThe future success of your organisation depends on effective strategic planning. Strategic planning is the process of establishing and documenting a direction of your organisation…
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Prescriptive Vs Emergent Strategies

Prescriptive Vs Emergent Strategies HomeBusiness PlanningThere is often confusion between the concepts of prescriptive and emergent strategies. This article considers the differences and merits of each type of strategy. Prescriptive…
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Business Planning & Implementation

A business with clear direction and focus is far more likely to succeed – we will help you create it… Once a clear strategic direction has been agreed, we will…
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