Causal Mapping

What is Business Strategy?

What is Business Strategy? There are many different definitions of business strategy. Some are quite prescriptive, suggesting that a strategy will fall into a particular type. These include cost leadership,…
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What is a Strategy Map?

What is a Strategy Map? Strategy mapping can vastly improve any strategy communication effort. A strategy map is a graphic that shows a logical, cause-and-effect connection between all of the…
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What is the Oval Mapping Technique?

How the Oval Mapping Technique is used to Obtain Strategic Information The Oval Mapping Technique is normally referred to as ‘OMT’. It is a highly participative method that is used…
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What is Causal Mapping?

What is Causal Mapping? Causal mapping is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses today. Its versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of different businesses have…
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