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What are Strategic Interviews?

What are Strategic Interviews? Home  >   Strategy Creation Process  >  Obtaining Strategic Information Strategic Interviews are one-to-one discussions that are held with the people who are involved with the strategy…
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Where should Strategic Interviews be held?

Where Should Strategic Interviews be Held? Home  >   Strategy Creation Process  >  Obtaining Strategic Information Where you conduct your strategic interviews can have a significant impact on the results obtained.…
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What is a Pen Portrait?

A Pen Portrait helps facilitators to gain an insight into the people involved in the strategy creation process. Everybody has their own belief system that will influence how they look…
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Strategic Interviews – Case Study

Introduction It should be noted at this point that I took care not to use the word ‘interview’, preferring to use ‘discussion’ instead, as I felt that people would feel…
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Why should Strategic Interviews be used?

It is important to understand when it is more appropriate to use strategic interviews rather than using strategy workshops. Both Interviews and Workshops are effective in different situations so it…
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What is Causal Mapping?

What is Causal Mapping? Home  >  Strategy Creation  >  Tools & Techniques Causal mapping is a proven technique for capturing and managing the detailed, sometimes delicate, information that often surrounds…
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