Why should Strategic Interviews be used?

It is important to understand when it is more appropriate to use strategic interviews rather than using strategy workshops.

Both Interviews and Workshops are effective in different situations so it is important to understand when each should be used.  Strategic interviews should be used in the following situations:

Depth of information

When a lot of information is required on a person’s views or knowledge on a particular subject matter or areas of the business. The fact that it allows individuals involved to have much more ‘air time’ than they would have in a group situation means that it is ideal in situations where a greater depth of information is required.

Internal issues

Where the culture of the organisation is not conducive to working in a group to develop their strategy, the strategic interviews allow people to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.

Need for anonymity

Situations can arise where people are not comfortable sharing their sensitive information, thoughts and feelings in a group situation. The anonymity provided by strategic interviews enables people to be more open and therefore provide potentially important strategic information.


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