The Strategy Creation Process Copes Well With Complexity

I have had the pleasure of having worked with Ian Brown of  on two occasions.

Once in my role as Operations Director of a Confectionery company and again most recently in my role as Chief Executive of a Seafood company.

The fact I returned for a second time with an unrelated business is testament to my view of Ian and the ‘Journey Making’ process.

All too often businesses fail to completely review where it is they really want to go. This is often as a result of both time and from a fear of dealing with both complexities and potential differences of opinion.

The ‘Journey Making’ process copes well with complexity and allows everyone to contribute fully in a very open and timely way.

Finally, the clarity of what actions are required in order to fulfil strategic ambitions flow naturally from the process together with a sense of common purpose.

Ron Ferguson

Entrepreneur & Investor


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